We are a happy family -OR- Turnabout's fair play


In order to share the love, let me tell you what Lady Steed said when I came home from work today:

"Wow! You look cool! I mean, I would never dress you like that. And I would never go out with you dressed like that. But you look really cool!"


  1. what I want now is a picture post...

  2. Yeah, I'm really curious about what it was you were wearing that made you look cool yet made your wife not want to be seen with you in public...

  3. .

    Brown slacks with random pockets. A black dress shirt. A brown and red and white tie worthy of its own post.

    She said I looked like "a ska guy--especially with the hat."

    I was also wearing my fedora.

  4. .

    Curse you, Cicada!

    You tricked me into breaking aprimary storytelling rule!

    You should know better!

  5. I did actually say those things. But now that he has been home wearing this ensemble, i would like to take back , "I would never go out with you dressed like that." I have changed my mind. Theric's taste has won me over.

    I am allowed to change my mind right?