What to Get Me for Coast Guard Day (funny pictures edition)


Yep. Still no presents on my doorstep.

So, ah, comics sound good? Everybody loves giving comics away, right?
    I find myself hugely fascinated and desperate to know more about a character I've only vaguely been aware of in the past (for a bit on why, read this). But where should I start? Well, when in doubt, start with the 852-page book, I always say.

    How should I know which Jason book I want to read first. How am I supposed to choose. Hhhhhh. Okay, fine. How about this one?

    C'mon! Scare me!

    The time has finally come to own them all, starting here.

    The more I hear about it, the more I wonder why we all haven't read it yet.

    If I'm ever going to know what I'm talking about, then I need to read this before I die. You know what I mean? Well you will. Soon.

    Can I help being fascinated? No. Should you encourage me? Yes!



What's a guy got to do?

Angle Falling Softly

So Zarahemla's new title is raising some dust in the LDS-lit blogging world. I haven't read it myself--every time I'm about to pull out my wallet, I remember I'm still mad at the company's owner and can't bear to send him twelve bucks (which sucks for the author). But as I look around, it seems every schmuck with a blog got a copy! Hey! What gives! Zarahemla Book has used two of my reviews in promotional emailings, I've purchased with American dollars all but two of their books, and they treated me like an amateur freshfaced from the backwoods. Then they don't even offer me a free copy. Even though they sent it to a bunch of people predisposed to hate it.


If you want to read the book for free, you may. But if I do and I give a good review I had darned well better get a free copy of their next tome. Seriously.

5 (baker's dozen)

satrapi vonnegut schulz dore

065) A Son Is Forever by various, finished July 29
    My mother gave me this Blue Mountain collection for Coast Guard Day in 2002 with an inscription saying she couldn't choose one as more appropriate than the others to describe her feelings for me. So I read them all.

    Why did it take six years?


    Well, um, they're all kind of the same. And although they look like poems, there's not much poetry there.

    But I appreciate the sentiment. I've realized that my mom likes sentimental greeting cards and the like and so I'm trying to learn to appreciate them for what they are intended to be. It's kinda hard. But hey! I'm totally filial!

    I know.

    I've read the book.

    days away from six years

064) Good ol' Snoopy by Charles M. Schultz, finished July 13
    I couldn't help myself. It was sitting there. I had time.

    And I LOVED it.

    maybe twenty minutes

063) Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi, finished July 13
    I tell you what: after reading this, I'm nervous about leaving Lady Steed alone in a room with nothing but ladies.

    a day

062) A Doré Treasury edited by James Stevens, finished July 12?
    I've been eating and breathing Doré lately and this collection is one I would recommend to anyone wanting a nice variety of Doré prints to leave out on the table. Also, Stevens's introduction was a nice, brief and quite interesting look at Doré's life and career. You can find it for under ten bucks on Amazon if you nose around a little.

    better part of an hour

061) Slaughterhouse-Five or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.; finished July 8
    I first read this in high school after being blown away by Cat's Cradle. I didn't like it as much. I started out liking it much more this time, but in the end, still not one of my favorite Vonneguts. Sorry, rest of the world. So it goes.

    over two weeks