What to Get Me for Coast Guard Day (funny pictures edition)


Yep. Still no presents on my doorstep.

So, ah, comics sound good? Everybody loves giving comics away, right?
    I find myself hugely fascinated and desperate to know more about a character I've only vaguely been aware of in the past (for a bit on why, read this). But where should I start? Well, when in doubt, start with the 852-page book, I always say.

    How should I know which Jason book I want to read first. How am I supposed to choose. Hhhhhh. Okay, fine. How about this one?

    C'mon! Scare me!

    The time has finally come to own them all, starting here.

    The more I hear about it, the more I wonder why we all haven't read it yet.

    If I'm ever going to know what I'm talking about, then I need to read this before I die. You know what I mean? Well you will. Soon.

    Can I help being fascinated? No. Should you encourage me? Yes!