Minutia catalogued


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1) Blueberry Poop (BbPp) Large S loves blueberries. His poop of late is basically just blueberryskins stuffed in his pants. Stains his butt purple.

2) Pixar-level Competence (PixComp) We went to the Oakland Museum today and in the the Natural Sciences Gallery were the most astonishing examples of craftsmanship--the recreations of natural habitat were astonishing to observe. Amazing work.

3) Pink Home Base (PHB) The Big O's home base tore and we fixed it with pink duct tape.

4) Birth of the Cool (BCool) We went to the museum specifically to see this exhibit. Which was cool.

5) Angels in the Outfield (AinO) This is the Big O's new favorite movie. Did you know Adrien Brody is in it? Adrien Brody!


  1. 1. BbPp Theric is not exagerating. The LArge S's butt is now blue. This is somewhat disturbing.

    4. BCool I really enjoyed this exhibit,especially the section on furniture. Though that section reminded me that Charles and Ray Eames, and many of their contemporaries, designed their furniture so that it could be mass produced and thus enjoyed by the masses. However, today places like Design Within Reach make owning furniture from these designers far out of reach for the common man. I do not consider $350 for a chair to be with in the reach of the average income family. Way to foil the dreams of great designers retailers--greedy bastards.

  2. 5) of course i had to go and spell his name wrong...

  3. Little Dude loves blueberries and grapes, so the possibilities for decorated poop are endless. No butt staining, though.

    We still can't get S-Boogie to believe that non-animated movies are for kids. She broke down crying when we tried to get her to watch Annie