What's a guy got to do?

Angle Falling Softly

So Zarahemla's new title is raising some dust in the LDS-lit blogging world. I haven't read it myself--every time I'm about to pull out my wallet, I remember I'm still mad at the company's owner and can't bear to send him twelve bucks (which sucks for the author). But as I look around, it seems every schmuck with a blog got a copy! Hey! What gives! Zarahemla Book has used two of my reviews in promotional emailings, I've purchased with American dollars all but two of their books, and they treated me like an amateur freshfaced from the backwoods. Then they don't even offer me a free copy. Even though they sent it to a bunch of people predisposed to hate it.


If you want to read the book for free, you may. But if I do and I give a good review I had darned well better get a free copy of their next tome. Seriously.


  1. Maybe you have to sleep with someone at Zarahemla Books.

    Oh wait, this is Mormondom we're talking about.

    Maybe you have to bake cookies or a loaf of homemade bread for someone at Zarahemla Books.