The beginning of a wisely aborted letter accompanying a book submission


Hello and thank you for taking a look at Byuck: A Novel. Before you open it up, I feel I should disabuse you of any of these common misconceptions about Mormons:

1. We can't drive cars or use electric toasters (those are the Amish).

2. We sneak around and kill people in the middle of the night for some blood-related reason (those are vampires; one exception: Stephanie Meyer).

3. We think Jesus and Satan are brothers (actually, this one is true; the problem was that annoying Huckabee guy's delivery).

I'm sorry. I don't mean to suggest ig


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    The second attempt:

    Thank you for taking a look at Byuck. It's a happy little book and hopes you will like it and not think it's coming off needy.

  2. It's a good thing you aborted that first attempt since you had that dreadful misspelling of that horrendous author's name.

    And I'm sad that Byuck still doesn't have a home.

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    Me too. One house I'm not too comfortable with has made a soft offer and another I'm not to comfortable with is mildly interested, but basically, I'm just going straight back out and starting over.