Sorry, WALL·E


So I don't know if you've been listening to internet buzz lately, but WALL·E is being talked up as a potential Best Picture nominee. Could this be the year animation returns to its 1991 glory? people wonder.

WALL·E meets OscarShort answer: no.

I like what Mr. Stanton said ("In the long run, you have to take the stance that the category wouldn't exist if we weren't doing something right."), and he's right: the existence of the Best Animated Feature category is a big thumbs up to animation in general; but it's existence also means that WALL·E will never be nominated.

I don't know how good your Oscar-buzz memory is, but we heard the same stuff last year with Ratatouille. And a few years back with Nemo. In both cases the film in question came out long before Oscar-bait season, and when those films started arriving in theaters, everyone neglected the rats and fish, saying, "Oh, they're going to win an Oscar anyway--let's leave this Best Picture category for regular movies."

Which kind of sucks.

Something else that sucks: all you shoe-haters.

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