Svithe Five: Svithes Alive!


I love me a good portmanteau. Such is the word svithe: a blending of seven and tithe. And if a tithe is the tenth given to God, then a svithe is the seventh given to God.

I did not make up this idea; I took it from the Sabbath--the one day in seven dedicated to God. The properly observed Sabbath would be a svithe.

In other news, I have an addictive personality. I don't say this to warn you against meeting me in person lest you lose control of yourself and lock me in your backwoods cabin in order to enjoy scintillating conversation the rest of your life. No, what I mean is that I tend towards addiction. (As if I didn't have enough reasons already not to try heroin just one time.) I will often spend too much time doing my current fancy at the expense of more important things.

I maybe might just maybe be addicted to blogging.

Part of my redemption is this svithing. Every Sunday I write a post that is intended to be godly. The idea being that I may do some good somehow someday for someone. Certainly the svithes a have better chance than posts about poop.

Sometimes I will not have much to say, but whenever I can be online on a Sunday, I will svithe.

I don't have specific goals for my svithing. I doubt that svithing will ever become a big movement or anything. I don't even know that those I write will do anyone any good. But I will try to create things that are, at least occasionally, virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy.

The problem of course is that I am one person. What if more people would, now and then, write something the only purpose of which was to spread faith and beauty? Or to ask questions of eternal import? Or to spread heart-wrenching but patently false stories about baby angels?

I am not trying to get all my friends to svithe. I am not trying to get the word svithe in the dictionary. I am trying very hard to keep my ego out of this. But I do suggest that we all take a moment and consider how we can use these forums we have been given to improve the world.

The implication I am inadvertently making is that all posts by all bloggers before this moment have been at best worldly and at worst base and evil. I don't mean to make this implication. If the blogs I followed did not provide my life with some beauty, I would not follow them (my addiction, however, might). What I am doing is making a distinction and suggesting an occasional aim at thoughts celestial. It may take many forms. It may be a witness or testimony, sure, but it may also be lists of unanswered questions that weigh on the mind, a tally of hopes and fears, a desperate cry for understanding from beyond, a simple statement of heartfelt fact.

Or none of these. Again: I am not trying to start a movement.

I will svithe: it feels like the right thing for me to do.

I just want to make clear that I have not trademarked the idea.

I wouldn't be a good Mormon if I didn't have proselytory dreams for this forum, but ultimately, that is not its purpose. Ultimately, I just want to add to the community and provide something of worth for my fellow travelers as we hurtle through space to our destiny.

And Lord knows I could use some help.

Last week's svithe.

Note: Lady Steed has been helping me try to put together a second blog wherein I will place copies of the svithes I write. They will still appear here, but they will also be there. It's still under construction, but someday it will be up. Thanks to JB who says it looks nice. Anyone else interested in seeing it as it is now may surely to do: Thmazing's Svithes.


  1. I don't know you, but I enjoy your blog.

  2. 1. I've thought about doing a svithe as well.

    2. I want to know how you do those picture links.

  3. Thought inevitably leads to action, even after midnight.

  4. .

    Thanks, Wcl.

    Rachel--I haven't forgotten. I'll do it sometime this week. And nice svithe.

  5. Way to raise the spiritual level of blogdom. I am impressed. I would try it, but I tend to run towards diatribe, not devotion.

  6. .

    Me too, Tolkers. That's a primary thing keeping me quiet during F&T meetings.

  7. You never fail to make me think and I absolutely love (and have always loved) your creative use of the English language and your creative formation of new words and phrases. Love, love, love it!!

  8. .

    Thank you, your majesty. Too long has it been since I have received honor from thy lips.