On krankzinnigheid


One of the many names I call myself is The Baizzerist. The name suggests that there are unlimited and strange manifestations which I, Theric, may take. I can be anything at any moment--in particular when committing myself to print.

Some of the comments from some of yesterday's posts made me realize that the strangeness I entertain, from time to time, has not made many recent appearances on Thmusings. This is fine. If I stay strange too long, readership starts to drop off.

And besides, I have reason to suspect I may come off strange now and then anyway. This isn't a problem, of course, but it is important that I prove myself a member of the community--not someone desperate and aching to separate myself therefrom.

Community is good.

Just ask the inside of my head.

(That was a joke.)


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    The post, on the other hand, was an apology.

  2. I don't speak German. Much the pity. How do I add people to my list of people I like the blogs of? Like I want to add Lady Steed. Tell me: I am lost, and technologically challenged.

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    If you go into your TEMPLATE, look for

    * Master Fob
    * Foxy J
    * Tolkien Boy
    * Th.
    * Melyngoch

    Those names'll be surrounded by a bunch of code including the url addresses.

    Just copy and paste one line of the code (keep it right next to the other lines of code), then take out, for instance, http://aamelyngoch.blogspot.com and replace it with http://lsteed.blogspot.com. Then delete Melyngoch and put in Lady Steed.

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Oh, and it's Dutch.

  4. It makes so much sense now. I thought it was German too and I was googling the translation in German. No wonder I was struggling. Too bad google doesn't have a Dutch translator.

  5. One of my friends who spoke German fluently, had to live in The Netherlands for about six months. He said that he could never pick up Dutch because it was too much like a Germana/English hybrid, and he could never remember where to be English, and where to be German.

  6. Which reminds me of life a bit. And this post. We have all have our idiosyncrases that we let live in our heads, so that we can be a normal functioning part of society. We let them out when we observe people that have let similar ones out, and we form kindreds. Blogging, being more annonymous than the real world allows more of those idiosyncrases to come out, which is good. It then is a more honest art form. But, sometimes we are walking what seems to be a razor's edge deciding what person to be, the full honest self, randomness and all, or the person that we are to our friends, or the person that we are to general society. Are we German, or are we English? Hmmm, maybe I am getting a little too philosophical for a comment post. And a little too philosophical for not quite six in the morning. Sorry all. I should just delete... but I'm not.

    Th. your blog inspired deep thought.

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    Which is something I certainly didn't expect.

    Blogging lets me put before the world things that would normally stay languishing in a notebook in a box. Whether this is good or not remains debatable.

    Bill Bryson says that hearing the Dutch speak is like listening to English, only everything is wrong. I had a Korean companion on my mission who spoke "English." Actually, he knew less English than about any Korean I met, but he could string nonsense syllables together that my mind would interpret as English--but not be able to understand. It was the most amazing thing....

    Anyway, krankzinnigheid.

    (Anyone know how to pronounce that?)

  8. strange is good... it's all good