Since some folks have asked how I make "those cool links," I have decided to share the trick. Share the wealth, et cetera. I'm very egalitarian.

Step one, of course, is to be in HTML mode when creating a new post. I have Blogger set up so that's all I see, but you may have it set up with two tabs and you get to choose between them. Pick HTML.

Start typing your post. When you get to a spot when you need a clever aside or darling picture or something unique that you cannot find using Google Image, create it in Paint. I recommend setting image attributes to, say, 450 pixels square.

Note the 450s, friend.

Then if your comment is text only, simply make a text box and type it in (pictured is 90-point type).

This is going to be a particularly clever one.

At this point, save the picture as a JPEG (Paint's default is bitmaps, which Blogger rejects; Adobe programs require you to be more clever--saving as a copy or somesuch). Go to your blog and upload the picture just as if it were to be embedded in your post.

So far so good?

Now look at this:

Ooooo. Pretty code....

Now take the pink part and put it in front of where you want to link from and the green behind, like so. (Delete the rest.)

I had wanted to do this for a long time. Now I know how. And now you know how too.

Use it well.


  1. Now I feel like I have permission to be cool. Thanks, Th.

  2. .

    You are most certainly welcome.

  3. And here I was trying to figure out what was so complicated about it. It didn't occur to me that usually when you upload a picture it shows on the post so you'd have to undo that to make it just a link. Count me doubly enlightened now.

  4. .

    Complication is in your mind, Fob-sun.