This whole move-to-California thing has really messed up my reading/writing regimen. It used to be I spent hours and hours and hours every week on a bus, where I read and wrote a great deal. Not so anymore.

But the last little while, things have come alive in the reading area. Besides the books mentioned in my LA post, I have also read Scott Card's Women of Genesis series (the books now out), almost caught up on my Zoetropes, and last night I wrapped up The Austere Academy.

I think all this reading has been filling my cistern because tonight, during the last session of my waste-of-time class, I began writing the first new piece of fiction (that I believe I will actually finish) in several months. And it's going to be good. I know it is because of the title: "The Evil Demon that Lives About 4 Inches Behind My Forehead." That's got masterpiece written all over it.

Reading and writing are necessarily intertwined. It's AIAO: art in art out. If I don't get my recommended daily allowance of words in my skull, nothing comes out on paper.

No doubt this new ability to suddenly have absolutely brilliant, demon-infused ideas is also related to my selling a story this week. It will be the first time I've been paid to write since I left the paper. (I don't count grade sheets.)

Anyway, like the Pluvianus aegyptius and the Crocodylus niloticus, reading and writing are pals and are never far apart.

Moral: Demons are okay if you read about Abraham first.


  1. I really like your idea of AIAO. Something I need to remember.

  2. I think the demons and your propensity to use a LOT of orange text with your black text (tradtional Halloween colors from waaaaay back) are closely related.

    I feel like I need some eye drops. Or a priest.

  3. Needing to read a lot to be able to write anything explains my lack of creative writing over the past two years. Darn literature classes got me out of the habit of reading for fun despite not having any time for it. And then I got in the habit of going to bed on time. Perhaps if I read things other than blogs and webcomics a little more often, I might once again feel the urge to write down all the random story ideas that flit through my head.

  4. .

    Blogdom is a wonderful brain cancer that I love dearly.

    I've never much cared for Halloween, but Lady Steed loves it. Maybe I'm turning into her.

    I was happy when AIAO popped out as I was typing. Since I recently learned BOCTAE, maybe it can also stand for Acronym In Acronym Out.