LDotFMotNYl: Deleted Scenes (4)


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Thteed Family Policy on Electric Refrigeration

This year we have suffered from electric refrigeration units that have a) died, b) had doors that open in impossibly inconvenient directions, c) arrive filthy, d) have poor (nonexistent) interior lighting. Having successfully lived through these traumas, we elected to reconsider our slavish policy for electric refrigeration / our gungho policy in favor of electric refrigeration. As alternates, we discussed daily ice purchases, Northern Yukon real estate, and the Canned Chili Diet.

We’re sticking with electric refrigeration.


First, that ? next to the Canned Chili Diet was a registered trademark symbol in Word.

You'll notice that this one never reached a final form, with two versions of one sentence, for instance.

Lady Steed didn't think we needed two policy stories and I liked the other one better. She ended up cutting them both.

In retrospect, I'm glad this was cut. At the time I thought it was funny. I don't think so anymore.


  1. I have to say, I'm glad you cut it. It just wasn't up to par with the rest of the book...

  2. .

    That's why we have so many deleted scenes:

    1 because they weren't up to par.

    2 because I wanted to write more than we needed, so the ones we used would be the best.


  3. th. In response to your question on my blog:

    No I don't generally see you as opaque and confusing, but once in a while I don't catch your meaning. It's never diminished from my thankfulness that you are commenting however, so I hadn't mentioned it until I could do so in a funny way. Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers.

    As to your kind comment that my blog is good--I thank you. I don't have more visitors, because just as I was gaining a following, I didn't make more than 3 posts in 6 weeks. It was a blog killer, but I honestly didn't feel very funny. And since "funny" is the purpose of stupidramblings, I didn't see a need to post subpar material...

  4. When Quincy Jones was producing Michael Jackson's Thriller, he made something like 600 songs, then kept only the nine that gave him goosebumps when he listened to them. Overwriting is good if you're capable of cutting the less-than-phenomenal. My problem is I underwrite.