In order to graduate from high school, California high school students must now pass the California High School Exit Examination. They start taking it as sophomores and keep taking it till they pass.

My sophomores will be taking it for the first time next week. I've been trying to prep them, but we shall see.

I too have a test coming up. This Saturday I'll be taking the CSET, which is supposed to determine whether or not I know enough English stuff to teach high school. I have no idea what's on it. If I have to distinguish between a villanelle and a paradelle though, I'm sunk.

I've always been a good tester, but somehow that part of my identity doesn't like to be challenged. I suspect one reason I decided against grad school was to avoid taking the GRE and finding out I'm not so smart after all.

My policy: If there's a chance you might be stupid, better to stay ignorant about it.

(Note to self: Don't read the comments to this post.)


  1. I read a villenelle about sex once, and it's seemed like a dirty word ever since.

    Which statement is, of course, meant to be congratulatory.

    Good luck on the test.

  2. I think testing is bogus. If you don't do well on the regular assignments, how will you do well on a test and why is is neccessary to rub it in?

    If you DO do well on regular assignments why is a test neccessary to double check this? (besides cheating)

    Also, just cuz you can pass a test doesn't mean you're smart- it means you can memorize stuff for a few hours.


  3. About 1000 years ago, when I was in public school, in Oregon, there were a buch of tests that you had to pass in order to graduate, and you started taking them in 8th grade. Most everyone I knew passed them in the 8th grade. (Which is very sad to think that 8th grade education is all that we are requiring of students to graduate.) But, I also know there were some students that continued to pass classes all the way through 12th grade, but still couldn't pass the compentency tests. Which makes me think that there is something wrong with that whole system.