April 27th, a Thursday



We came to Provo for Brother Steed's BYU graduation

and If:

We needed a place to stay for two nights (or three or four or)

and If:

We wanted to hang out with cool people while revisiting all our favorite Utah Valley restaurants

and If:

We wanted to reacquaint ourselves / acquaint ourselves with local friends

and If:

This all had to happen squeezed in between all sorts of graduation and Brass Clan-related stuff


What would you say?


  1. I would say that it would be a great pleasure to make your acquaintance. Not sure if I've ever actually met Lady Steed in person, but it would be lovely to see you all, if only for a minute between photos on the cougar. I speak for Cicada when I say that she and I could run over and say hi.

    I would also say that if you find yourselves in need of a place to stay, we would be happy to kick the teen boys out of their smelly room in order to offer you one and a half beds. Unfortunately, I don't think we'd be able to kick the smell out--just the boys. You should probably explore other options first. I would.

  2. .

    Thank you, I will, but the offer remains very kind--smell or no smell.

    Lady Steed thinks she knows who you are but does not think you have ever met.

    Will have to be remedied.

  3. I would say that I'll see you for dinner.

    I too would offer up a place to stay, but my place is small and the hide-a-bed isn't that comfortable.

  4. .

    "I would say that I'll see you for dinner."


  5. Aaargh--this is really not fair. That is precisely the only weekend when we could go to Las Vegas between school semesters. We've been planning to be gone from Thursday through the next Tuesday... Hmm...this is a problem. If we are here, we have a nice futon in our living room if you need it. We could possibly even work out a deal with Master Fob's sister who has some extra rooms. Of course, we may or may not be here :(

  6. .

    The face on my face which you cannot see is one of shock, disbelief, horror--all the regular things one puts on one's face when learning he may miss the Fob clan.

    It will take some time to process this....

  7. You know *I'd* love to join the festivities.

  8. .

    They wouldn't be festive without you.

  9. Foxy, please give dates that you are planning to be gone.

    we are thinking about leaving Lancaster on Friday April 21 or maybe Saturday April 22th. We will drive to Provo in one, perhaps one and a half days. Stay in Provo that whole week, then drive back to Lancaster on Saturday April 29th.

    The trip hardly seems worth making if you and your will not be there.

  10. We will actually not be leaving until the 27th, since I have a final on the 26th and Master Fob needs to grade research papers and stuff. So, if you are here for most of the week before that, it will still be good. And, even if we aren't here you can use our apartment if you want. We trust you. Oh, and Master Fob says that if we can't fit you in, his sister for sure can. She has an entire empty bedroom with a queen size bed. I think we need to start planning a big party...

    Oh, and if you want to stop by Vegas on your way back to CA, you can do that too :)

  11. Foxy

    yippee! Am much happier now...

    Graduation stuff is on the 27 and 28th so we'll pretty much be hanging out with my family those two days.

    Hey is our prescence going to hinder you and Master FOB working on your finals and such? Because I do not want to be the cause of some bad final grades.

  12. .

    I, on the other hand, am an evil person who could only care less with the aid of illegal drugs.

  13. Foxy

    thanks for the offer of your apartment, am flattered you trust us so.

    and thanks too for volunteering Master FOB's sister. That might be a really good solution.

  14. I would say that if I lived in Utah you could crash with us and I would be super excited to meet you all, but alas...

  15. You've gotten plenty of offers of places to stay, so I won't offer my laundry closet.

  16. I would say that I am jealous.

  17. Wow. I thought it would be just L.S. and Big O coming. I dind't know there'd be a possiblity of the whole Thteed clan! That's great.

    I'm glad you have offer to stay because our 1 bedroom apt. doesn't give you much space. I don't think our hide-a-bed is really sleepable. It would be a Seinfield episode with you throwing out your back or something...and we do want to enjoy the weekend with you.

  18. Suffice it to say, there will be a Blog Party that week.

  19. Actually, I suppose that won't suffice, as people will want a few more details, such as when precisely during that week, but it'll suffice for now.

  20. I haven't even said about how I'll be there too.

    Um. I will. Not just because I love the . family. Also because I hate being left out.

  21. .

    So loved! And Tolkers, you have to come--no matter the reason you choose.

    And I am most certainly pro-Blog Party. Details to come later of course.

    Assuming all these IFs come true....

  22. th:

    You are more than welcome to crash at the pad with me and my wife Limpy if you need to. I will be out of town until the evening of Friday the 21st, but I will be there the whole week.

    Disclaimer: we live 15 miles from Provo--the heart of the known [valley].

    Let me know if we can help--we can exchange more complete contact info.

  23. .

    Thanks, Stupid.

    As we get closer to the date and work out the details (likely next week), we may well be in touch.


  24. What do you mean "assuming all these ifs come true"? Ahem. They had best come true, if you know what's good for you.

  25. I'd say 'sorry Dude, I live in Australia'. :)

  26. .

    Edgy, I feel the same way.

    And Chosha, at the risk of offending whichever host we end up with, if you want to make the journey, I'm sure we could trick them into thinking I'm a polygamist. Then you wouldn't have to find your own lodging.

    However, "wife" for a week though you may be, you're paying your own way at Ottavio's.

  27. could you PLEEEAAAAAAAASSE come in May and then I could come too?

    Please? PLLLLLEEEEEEAAASSSSSE? Please please please please please?

  28. .

    I'll talk to the graduation people at BYU and see what we can do, Mel.

    I'm on it.

  29. Ah, crap. I'm way late jumping on this one. I missed it somehow, and now I see that in the first comment, DG has made a promise for me.

    Be aware that the promise is good. I will be at the blog party (you haven't updated as to whether or not you're going to be there for sure, have you?) and I am very excited to meet you and yours, if for the very least reason, to be promoted to the list of those whose corporeality you've confirmed.

    Unless I'm only a figment... which is a possibility...

  30. .

    It took me forever to figure out where this comment was, Cicada, but now that I've found it, hoorah, etc.

    I once had this waking dream of being in an elevator with Master Fob and Tolkers and them saying, "Oh, look! It's Cicada."

    I said, "Act like you don't know me."

    When you got on the elevator, I played extremely creepy and you wondered how I knew your name. It was a desperate attempt to get on your blog incognito.

    But this plan being all official (if it happens) sorta ruins that hope, I suppose....

  31. Look, Th., I hesitate to ask this, but HOW MANY DREAMS HAVE YOU HAD ABOUT ME? I swear you told me about another dream you had about me once. That's just creepy enough.

    I often wonder about random people who have dreams about me. Because some mornings I wake up and think, "Whoa. I just had a dream about that kid in third grade!" And then I laugh about how ridiculous it is. And then I wonder, "Wait... which kids from the third grade are still having dreams about ME?"

    I feel a blog post coming on... I'll have to wait till tomorrow.

  32. Ah crap. Now that I've written the blog post for tomorrow and I went back here to copy and paste this comment into my post to say that this was the inspiration, I read that it was a WAKING DREAM. I missed that the first time through. Well, that pretty much negates everything I just said about dreams and randomness. Crap.