Several items of business this afternoon


1. Afterlife is still available and will be for six months. Check it out.

2. Bill Thomas will not be running for reelection! I will not comment here on whether or not Bill has been good for his constituents or the country, but I do think that it's about time we had a race in our district. He has been running unopposed far too long.

3. Whether you sing the song "Beans, beans the magical fruit!" or "Beans, beans, the musical fruit!", the truth is beans are cheap and friendly to A Month of Abject Poverty, and so you just have to get used to the magic/music.


  1. Broccoli, on the other hand, is the musical fruit that produces the worst odor...

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    A gentleman once won the British Championships with cabbage.


  3. Well, it's funny because beans are our number one source of protein (usually around 4 times a week), and broccoli is our number one most eaten vegetable (probalby 4-5 times a week). We must be very used to both because I'm fairly positive we don't have an odiferous house...

  4. If you ever eat "calico beans," be sure to get the Fob variety and not the apostate Hoosier kind.

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    I don't remember it being odiferous, no. But I can't smell anything anyway. Except for bad smells, come to think of it. So I guess you're clean.

    Tolkers--are those my only calico choices? I always wanted to try the feline variety....