Wallace & Gromit


Well, in honor of Oct. 7, I showed my freshmen and sophomores "The Wrong Trousers" today.

Those of you who have not seen "The Wrong Trousers" should mosey along until you have done so.

Gromit, I must say, is the greatest silent actor of this generation. Isn't it fascinating that we have two characters, only one of whom talks, yet we pay little attention to what he says because we are riveted to the silent partner?

And the penguin! Greatest silent villain of the last half century?

(Apology: My freshmen used the film as an exercise in looking at character development and my sophomores to look at dramatic and situation irony, and setting. Unfortunately, a cursory glance suggests they all did a great job and there is nothing hilarious to report. If you're looking for student-sown hilarity, go here again.)

Anyway, I watched it four times today and loved it everytime. My favorite moment is when Gromit confronts the penguin and the bird pulls a gun on him. I swear, if that doesn't make you laugh....

Point: Wallace & Gromit are terrific. We're considering taking the Big O to the theater to see it--he already likes them so maybe it's time to give him a chance.

Those of you who are missing out (who, come to think of it, I already sent away...) need to repent.



  1. You are now on my list of heroes. a) You watch W&G. b) You discuss the use of character development and dramatic and situational irony in W&G. c) You introduce impressionable young ones to W&G. (You should get a medal for that alone.)