Testing Two


Hello, class.

I'm testing the option Blogger proffers of posting from an email
account. I'm curious to see how well it all works.

For purposes of this test, I will be discussing that essential
American experience, sexual harassment training. You know, where you
watch a video filled with awkward actors necking or putting
pornographic calendars in their workspace only to get recommended by
the <a href="http://www.SeniorDatefinder.com">Kindly Old Manager</a>.

Actually, having just joined the middle class, this was my first time
to be sexually harassed <a
a video</a>. In the past, I have had to make do with reading a long
list of stimulating but forbidden activities and signing away my right
to engage in them on company property.

I knew the video was going to be awesome from the getgo because of
this exquisitely written opening line:

You have probably heard of the term 'sexual harassment'.


(complete change of pace)

From reading <a href="http://eatsshootsandleaves.com/esl.html">Lynne
Truss</a>, I have learned that the Brits follow the punctuation rules
regarding commas and periods and whether they should go inside or
outside what they preciously call <a
href="http://www.bartleby.com/68/12/3412.html">"inverted commas"</a>
that I invented for myself and followed until I allowed The System to
drag me down and force to adapt what I now know to be a purely
American form of noninstinctual punctuation.

I apologize for that sentence.

Here's what I mean. When I quoted the video, I put the period outside
the quotation mark. That seems appropriate to me, as the quote only
refers to the two words enclosed and not the terminal punctuation.
Brits allow that. We Americans are not so tolerant.

Anyway, blather.

<a href="http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/PD--10115761/SP--A/IGID--893584/Nat_Reiss_High_Wire_Artists.htm?sOrig=CAT&sOrigID=14470&ui=8DC0E6EF7DCF4E8F8549F798D40795D3#">Ta

(test complete)

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