Gotta love cars


So I had the thrilling opportunity to think I was getting away with something when I paid "only" $3.09 for gas yesterday on my way back to the Bay (again).

It looks like switching insurance from our current idiot carrier to a new company will septuple our costs.

Et cetera.


  1. $3.09 in Cali is pretty impressive, considering that it's up to $2.95 here in Utah.

  2. I like to brag and tell everyone that I am an environmentalist and that I'm also boycotting gas prices (not because of the recent hike---I've been this way for months) and that's why I ride public transportation and/or my bike.

    The reality is that I can't afford a car.

  3. .

    Ah, Utah.

    In Utah I was very PT. Here, I can't. So which state is more progressive?