Dead, all messed up, kinda lame


Last night I finally buckled down and watched Night of the Living Dead. And boy, wow, what a disappointment.

Let me back up.

I scare easy and hard.

After I first say The Sixth Sense, I went home to my apartment and stood staring in the mirror for a long, long time. And the longer I looked at myself, the more I looked like that ghost girl who vomits on Haley Joel Osment.

I slept with the lights on.

Psycho freaked me out on a sunny day.

I even screamed out loud at The Haunting (1999)!

So last night I decided to watch a film with a reputation as being one of the most frightening ever made. One that is wildly beloved by horror aficionados. I watched alone. In the dark. With a meat sandwich sitting beside me.

George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.

The scariest parts were the sudden cuts to inanimate objects.

Yes, the guy eating the liver was kind of gross, but it wasn't that bad. And I didn't have any trouble sleeping.

A few years back I had a dream where a slashermovie-style killer was trying to get me. However, when he finally caught me, no matter how hard he tried to splatter me across the dreamscape, nothing happened.

In my dream I thought, It is because I have never seen a slasher movie. My mind has no raw material to draw upon.

It's because I have always been too scared to watch such movies.

What have I been scared of?


  1. I saw the remake of that original (also by the same creator) and I was disappointed myself. Boring! If you really are aiming for bed-wetting fright try Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  2. You got scared form The Haunting? Dang. I don't usually see horror movies, I really don't like the Genre. I really want to see Shaun of the Dead though, I hear that one is really good. Also you should check out the Evil Dead movies, those are good for that. But I think those are the only horrors I've really seen.

  3. What you want is "Carnival of Souls," filmed out at Saltair. Talk about spine-chilling horror. Or was it spine-chilling writing, directing, cinemetography and acting?

  4. .

    I didn't know Carnival of Souls was filmed at Saltair. Interesting. My in-laws have that on DVD--I should borrow it.

    I've seen the last Evil Dead movie and it was okay. I do want to see Shaun of the Dead, and part of the reason I buckled down and watched NotLD was because I figured I should see at least one classic zombie movie first.

    I don't watch or read a lot of horror, but I'm fascinated by the genre. Some day I'll have to blog about my theories on the similarities betweem horror, comedy and pornography.

    (Sit tight!)

  5. "Carnival of Souls" should definitely cement your theories (or create new ones) about horror and comedy. Do your parents have it on the Monsterfest Cult Classics DVD? Because you won't want to miss that Dennis Hopper movie either. And "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" was a hilarious MST3K episode.

  6. You also screamed at "Wait Until Dark." I wasn't even there, but I heard all about it!

  7. .

    Yeah, I'm a screamer.

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    To DG:

    Actually, they got it on a dollar dvd at Target (same way I got NotLD).