A reasonably good-looking and disease-free individual


I have been accused in the comments of another's blog of being falsely unaware of male beauty. While it is true that I rarely notice the lovely physical points of my own sex, there is one notable exception:


Now, maybe it comes of spending hundreds of hours in front of the mirror making faces*, or maybe it's objectively delightful, or maybe I'm blinded by optimistic self-love, but I think I have a very nice face, thank you.

Of course, any of you may feel free to disagree with me, and by no means am I suggesting you all should call me Adonis and fall at my feet. Just wanted to say that I am happy with me.

Having said that, I do worry that there is something unhealthy or unrighteous or prideful about this.

I worry because, for instance, yesterday, buying French bread and ice cream, the fellow behind me had a face covered with a birthmark or a burn scar or something. I don't mean to say he was ugly, no, but his complexion isn't going to put him on the cover of GQ.

I didn't think, "Hoo! Glad that's not me!" but I have had, oh, three? bitty panic attacks in my life where I worried that something would happen and I would become a little less pretty.

In theory, I think physical appearance is about as meaningful as the length of my appendix, but underneath that conscious thought, somewhere deeper and more primitive, I must feel a need to be attractive. I never worry about it because I look terrific and it would take an ax removing my nose and jaw to get me to rethink that opinion--however....

Has anyone read Chuck Palahniuk's "Invisible Monsters"?

I wonder if we are addicted to our beauty.


  1. I think that subconciously we absolutely are addicted to our outer beauty (at least those of us who are beautiful, lol). Is it a crutch, in a way, to believe that you are nice looking on the outside in case you are horrible on the inside? I dunno. It makes many-a-teen very insecure, and quite frankly adults too. I don't think "Extreme Make-Over" would have been nearly as popular as it was if we were secure with ourselves...

    PS:you were not falsely accused- you said "I don't feel qualified to comment on..." I was just giving you a hard time (as I am often known to do) ;)

  2. I have heard it speculated that if cloning were a reality, more people would be homosexual.

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    I read a short story once where clones were only attracted to clones of themselves. Though in that case it was the male clones to a version of themselves with double X, no Y.