My reputation


In my freshman classes, we have been talking about flat and round characters. I mentioned that one sure sign of a human being (and thus a rounded character) is contradiction.

Thus, in support of my own humanity, I present the following elements of my budding reputation here at Bedrock High:

Mr. Theric is fun.

Mr. Theric is boring.

Mr. Theric doesn't have a sense of humor.

Mr. Theric has a great sense of sarcasm.

Mr. Theric is mean.

Mr. Theric is too nice to last.


Postmodern postscript:

I was stuck for a while on what to call myself in the above post.

On this blog I go by either Theric or Thmazing, although most people refer to me by th. However, not one of those appellations is or has a last name.

Anyway, as you can see, I settled for Mr. Theric.

---end ps---

pps: spellcheck just rejected "blog" which I find amusing

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