The end of an era



It's almost six o'clock and for some reason I'm still here at the News. When I leave, I will no longer be an employee.

I always stayed as far away from journalism as I could, convinced I would hate it. But although it's not a great match for my personality, it actually has been my favorite job to date. I mean--without a press pass, how could I have ever met John Cleese?

This may also be an end of an era for me as a blogger. I don't know what my internet access is going to be like in the coming weeks, so I'm warning all you Theric addicts out there, you may be in for some jonesin'.


Lady Steed and I have decided it's time to join the 21st Century and get some homebound broadband, but who knows when that'll start up.

At Bedrock High, I am not going to have my own classroom, so I doubt I'll be hanging in the blogosphere on my prep period. It's weird. A month ago I still okie-blowed at blogs and now I'm nostalgic for the goodoldays of sitting in front of the computer most of the day.


Anyway, no jokes or scintillating political commentary or mindblowing links that no one'll look at today. Just more of a public announcement I suppose.



  1. Yes, do get on the broadband bandwagon. How else am I going to communicate with you? I'm certainly not going to CALL.