Frightening my students


In order to teach literary ideas, I have tried incorporating some songs this past week. Songs by King Missile, Beautiful South, Marcy Playground, and Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband. Songs with a high potential to offend and thus, I hope, grab students' attention. Songs that include some of the following lyrics:

Love is beautiful
Like the sunshine
And the dancing wind
Love is not ugly
Like puss
And lice
And tobacco snot
Love is beautiful

The perfect kiss is dry as sand and doesn't take your breath
The perfect kiss is with the boy that you've just stabbed to death

And all the whores on Blecker Street
They wear the blissful grin
Caused by the drugs they take
To relieve them of their sins

the best looking girls I see are driving in the fast lane
because I don’t find out that they’re obsessive, psychotic insane
the best looking girls I see,
oh my yes
because I don’t have to deal
with their PMS

(I hope I don't get fired.)


  1. .

    By the way, [sic] that puss.

  2. So, did they voice that you've frightened them, cuz even if it didn't work on them.... it sure worked on me!

    WTH is that song even about?!?!

  3. Oh, come now, at least part of you hopes you'll get fired.

  4. .

    Master Fob speaks too much truth.

    And for clarity's sake, let me say that those four stanzas were from the four different songs.

  5. those four stanzas were from the four different songs

    Thank goodness!