Well someone is watching!


I see from my stats that the mysterious Blue Betas have been discussing me in some small way. Since they have passwords and other secrety combinationy stuff, I know not what they have said, but I do wonder: Should I be scared?


  1. You should definitely be scared. Katya and Tolkien Boy are plotting to kill you. But I can't tell you that because they made me make a blood oath of secrecy.

  2. I'm watching you.

  3. I'll tell you everything you want to kno... Ack! *Arrowed*

  4. Though posting an anonymous comment such as that one made only four minutes after mine is something I would do, I want you to know that in this case it was not me. I think you really should be scared.

    And, 3M, are you all right? 3M? Hello?

  5. I couldn't kill an ant if there were ten million on the ground and a ravenous wolf were chasing me, so *I'm* not planning anything.

    *looks suspciously at Katya

  6. .

    I only met Katya that one time and she struck me as so nice and I like her blog and now....

    Anonymous--With any luck, I may be watching you too. With any luck.


  7. I've been using "This sentence is made of . . . " quotes for the site description on Blue beta. And someone wanted to know if I'd read the book, so I had to admit that I'd stolen the quote from your blog (with proper hyperlinking). Hence the visits.

    You do realize you're welcome to join, right?

  8. .

    No. I thought it was some scary cult. I didn't know people I liked are part of it.

    Then again, why should that not mean it's a scary cult?

  9. Th, we'd love to have you on blue-beta. That's what they were saying. If you join, you'll know that. All you have to do is disown your family and wear sackcloth for the rest of your life. Which probably won't be very lo--


  10. .

    Well. I'm thinking about it. And have made half an action.