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(If you are here for the first time because of a certain annual report, a special welcome awaits you here.)


Blogpatrol has been nothing but trouble lately and some wiseguy decided to block SiteMeter from Bedrock High's computers so it looks like I will never get to know who what where when why about this blog ever again. Therefore I am sharing what little I know about which keywords have led folks to Thmusings since 2005.01.19 before the information becomes even more out-of-date and incomplete:


21 Campshill Road. Se13 6qu Lewisham, London, England

Answer Key + The Devil and Tom Walker

artificial perfection


funkadelic wallpaper

gromit as an adjective

Nigerian Prince

o so krispie hairstyles


The one I am most interested in is the address. I don't know how someone looking for that address found Thmusings, but what really gets me is trying to imagine who might live there. It's not Nemesis or Queen Zippergut, this I know. Perhaps this is the work of βρείτε, the Fate of Search Engines, trying to introduce me to a new friend?

Or maybe it is the Search Engine Gremlins preparing a foul-minded trap.

I can see I need to start hashing out an internet mythology so I know who to thank, who to blame, and who to burn incense to when I can't get my stats....

Any suggestions?

(ps: Please don't be obnoxious like me and post suggestions in Greek. Only a total jerk would do something like pretend he knows Greek just to name a new Fate. I swear.)

(pps: Also it would be obnoxious to act like I don't know the word whom. I swear.

(ppps: Have you visited my wife lately? I swear.)

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  1. I'm uncomfortable with all the profanity on this blog.