LDotFMotNYl: Deleted Scenes (2)



(This is the second in a series of scenes deleted from the LDotFMotNY letter. The first included an explanation of what these scenes are.

(If you are here because of the LDotFMotNY letter, you are cordially invited to visit this post first.)


(Rolling the second deleted scene.)

Thteed and Fob Families Meet to Discuss Possible Merger

This summer, the Thteed Family had a weeklong meeting with Fob Family Inc to feel out the possibility of a merger between Junior Member the Big O and Fob junior member S-Boogie in 23 years . A good time was had by all, though the Big O did not approve of the hugging that occurred.

An additional meeting was held in December to test the viability of this merger, where innocent kissing occurred. However, caution reigns as other suitors, unable to meet this year, remain eligible and available.

Together, the Big O and S-Boogie pursue knowledge with an intellectual furor rarely seen in almost-two-year-olds.

The first time is always a little awkward....

Caption: >>Junior member Big O Thteed and Junior member S-Boogie Fob enjoying reading and the Big O barely tolerating hugging


This scene is unique in that it was totally penned by Lady Steed. (This is not why it was cut.)

The ultimate reason this scene was cut is simple (and don't tell S-Boogie): the Big O has another long distance relationship with another girl named S-Boogie (what are the chances!) and although he has not seen her since December 2004, it seemed unkind to send her an LDotFMotNY letter with this scene included.

Lady Steed fought hard to keep it, since the event in question was included in the Fob's Christmas letter, but I prevailed.

Did we make the right decision?

You be the judge.

All I'll say is that the year-end kissing mentioned did not look so innocent to me....


  1. I don't know...this is a pretty dang good section to cut out. I especially love the little boxes over the eyes...hehe.

  2. 1. The eye boxes, for some reason, give this a very tabloidy, Prince-Charles-caught-making-out-with-Jennifer-Aniston feel.

    2. S-Boogie's kisses don't tend to appear very innocent by adult standards, as she tends to open her mouth wide. I promise I didn't teach her that.

    3. I'm torn on the decision to cut this scene. My initial reaction is that you cut my daughter out of your letter and therefore I want to withdraw any promises of a dowry and slander the Big O in the Newsweek. I resist this temptation, though, because your reasoning does make sense (though I don't know how I feel about this other S-Boogie). Ultimately, there are more people who know the Fobs and the true S-Boogie who read your blog than who received your LDotFMotNY letter and don't read your blog, so audience-wise this was probably the better choice.

  3. Oops. That should have been Prince-Charles-...-Jennifer-Anistony.

  4. .

    Isn't that an adjective? Can you make out with an adjective?

  5. Hell yes you can! Because well if you can't... Then my pillow is the only one...