LDotFMotNYl: Deleted Scenes (1)


(Note: This post refers to the Last Day of the First Month of the New Year letter sent out by my family. If you are here because you received that letter [or if you want background information before proceeding], please read this post first.)


I love me my DVDs. And the more better the extra features, the more better I love the DVD.

One beloved feature, of course, is the deleted scene. I find film a mysterious process--I wish I understood how a camera angle elicits an emotion or how cutting at this frame rather than that creates a totally different effect, but I don't. It's a mystery. But watching deleted scenes helps me understand filmmaking just a little bit better.

Similarly, some people love them their Last Day of the First Month of the New Year letters. And who can blame them? But perhaps they do not understand how such a thing is put together. In order to demonstrate the process in some small way, I will be featuring some deleted scenes (with commentary) here on Thmusings. Alas, but the scenes are not polished. Like on the DVD where the green screen is still visible and James Newton Howard Shore's awesome score is missing, these scenes are in second-draft form and lack the design that Lady Steed brought to those that made the final cut. Also: no pictures.

Before this first scene, let me explain a bit how the scenes have been altered to fit in with Thmusing's format:

I appear as Thmazing or Theric (as the whim strikes me); my dear wife appears as Lady Steed, and our son appears as the Big O.

Not so in the original.

Our last name was inspired by LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's. His name before marriage was Antonio Villar. He and his wife combined their last names (she was a Raigosa) and their new nom thus appeared. I think that's pretty cool, and if Lady Steed and I had names that meshed better it may have been worth considering. (Of course, by the tenth generation, people would have names like Smithmacdougaltayloroatsprenticemibonaparte, but that's for another post).

However! in blog world, we'll pull it off:

I hereby declare our family name to be (for now) Thteed.

(A truly excellent name because it is difficult not to spit while saying it.)

Anyway, enough of that. On with our first deleted scene. Roll 'em!

Thteed Family Policy on the War on Christmas

Contrary to allegations made by certain radio hosts, the Thteed Family has not aligned itself with the forces of evil in the War on Christmas. In fact, the Thteed Family began its Last Day of the First Month of the New Year-letter tradition nearly a full calendar year before hearing of the War on Christmas. So what we have here is another instance of the forces of evil aligning themselves with the Thteed Family. You can stop mailing us your angry letters now.


Space constraints are what really killed this one. As the price of the letter mounted, we realized that we were going to have to cut down on the total number of pages--The War on Christmas policy thus took the ax.

There were some artistic differences on this decision as I loved the policy and thought it was worth saying lest our more conservative loved ones grow concerned for our spiritual well-being.

But Lady Steed thought, No, no, no! Th'policy's gotta go!

And so it did.

In terms of design, the letter is better without it. In terms of a written package however, I still think the loss was tragic.

Thank goodness for blogs where gems like this can live forever!


  1. Three cheers for deleted scenes. Fortunately, I received my LDotFMotNYl today, so I could more fully appreciate the deleted scene.

  2. .

    And I, in turn, can better appreciate your appreciation.

    (ps: that most painful of spelling errors was even worse, knowing you would be seeing it)

  3. Alright, so I'm a huge Woody Allen Fan. Now I guess I must explain myself. I need to own Bananas, it is by far my favorite, Annie Hall, also an excellent flick. Well recently Movie Trading Company in Provo had a going out of business sale, everything half off. So I went crazy buying movies there, all for about 4 bucks a pop. Now all 4 of those woody allen movies were there. I had not seen Anything Else or Hollywood Ending before buying them. I've liked everything by Woody Allen I've seen (though everything you wanted to know about sex is quite disturibing, especially the Gene Wilder part) So thus the reason why those are the ones I own. Sad story I know, Just keep checking, I buy about a movie a week, so it depends on the sale I can get for what I have. If you haven't seren Anything Else, it's a goodun, I haven't watched Hollywood Ending yet.

  4. .

    Ah, the MTC.

    I had a source of Godfather trilogies for $5.87 a pop, which I then sold to the MTC for about $35. I hope I'm not the reason they went out of business.

  5. I sat in the car and laughed out loud at the blue envelope I was holding... I seriously did not expect it!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the pictures were a major plus! I now understand your disorientation at seeing us, LOL.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  6. .

    You're certainly welcome! Nine exclamation points! Wow!

  7. And your LDotFMotNY letter deserved every one of those exclamation points. Kudos to the writer and the designer, as neither element would have been as impressive without the other.

  8. Theric and Lady Steed, you are some very, very clever people. I laughed. I laughed OUT LOUD as I read the letter. And then I read it again.

  9. .

    (I'm blushing with pleasure.)

  10. MTC also had cds, that's how I got all those cds cheap. All my money from the past three months went into the losing of that store.

  11. This thing is a Thteed. A Thteed's a Fine-Something-That-All-People-Need!

  12. .

    And the great thing is that the paper we used came from the paper blossom-bearing Moomok tree. Nothing had to be cut down!