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Today as I, in my decidedly noncreepy, husbandly way, looked at Lady Steed as she slept and before I left for work, I had a simple epiphany, one I think is part of the Happy Marriage Equation.

When I first took the leap and began saying mushy things to Lady Steed, it was risky business--opening my heart up to all sorts of dangers with plenty of opportunity for disaster. But these were important sentiments and they had to be said. That opening up to danger is the only way to----

Here's a metaphor: Open heart surgery is dangerous, even in the best of circumstances. Opening the metaphorical heart is just as dangerous. But one metaphorical heart is only part of a heart, and until mine was combined with Lady Steed's, they were incomplete. That risky surgery of melding two open hearts into one was the only way to make them whole.

Now, years later, it occurs to me that the sap flows less frequently. And sometimes the distance of years makes its silliness more apparent. But that sappy, silly, sentimental schlock is still true schlock and I can never feel silly for saying I love you and you are beautiful and I want to live each day more worthy of your love, more desperate for eternity, more certain of its surety. Because, in matters of the heart, saying it makes it so.

And it is so.

Lady Steed, I love you.


  1. Oh.

    So THAT's how you celebrate V-day. I am on a business trip for the second year in a row. That's how my V-day is going.

    All the best to you and Lady Steed...

  2. Yeah, that's about how mine was, too, only my wife was on vacation visiting her folks in another state. (But in all fairness, we did have a mega date last Saturday--so we cheated and had it early.)

  3. You'll have to publish the complete Happy Marriage Equation sometime.

  4. does that equation have a "plus or minus b" anywhere in it? cuz I think i know that one.

  5. .

    I'm still puzzling though some aspects of it, eg, can a happy marriage exist and be under analysis at the same time? These uncertainty principles are killer.

  6. I love how you describe your gaze at your sleeping wife as "decidedly noncreepy."

  7. .

    I'm actually decidedly noncreepy most of the day long.