So people have been coming to my blog still searching for that address over in England. I searched for it myself and finally figured out why people looking for it are arriving here: I posted it as part of that nasty, phishy email I had received. I hope people arriving here in search of more information are leaving wiser and not sending their personal information away in this ridiculous--but very well crafted--scam.

All people arriving at Thmusings in search of 21 Campshill Road Se13 6qu Lewisham London England please be warned that they're playing you for a sucker.


On a more personal note, someone else arrived at my blog searching for daltongirl loves cicada more than you.


But, Cicada, please be aware that I now hate you forever.


Someone I like better is Miss Nemesis, since someone arrived searching for link:http://missnemesis.blogspot.com, and my dear wife because of the search lady steed california.


Other recent searches include "why spam makes no sense" and another round of o' so krispie hairstyle.

It's good to know I'm providing such a vital public service.


  1. That email has existed in various forms since very long ago. The first time I ever heard of it was when someone called on the phone from a foreign country to explain the story.

    Bottom line: never EVER give your personal info/bank #'s/anything to someone who contacts you. I never do, and I never sign for free stuff at the mall or elsewhere. I also don't give my ph# to stores when I make a purchase.

    Remember: there are only two types of people in the world. Those who are paranoid, and those who don't have enough information.

    Now if I can just find my NRA membership card...

  2. Why loose your venom on Cicada? It's not HER fault I love her more than you. And I'm sure that, if we ever meet or get to the point where we share email addresses, there will be enough love for everyone.

    Remember, the more love you give away, the more you have.

    Oo. I just got chills.

  3. Neener, Cicada.

    Th. likes me better. :-)