Grammy recap


(Note: All those welcome souls who are arriving here for the first time because of a certain blue envelope that arrived in the mail are cordially invited to first visit this post.)


Well, I did okay with those predictions, I suppose. Not bad. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Academy's official page still doesn't have all the winners marked so I can't make a final tally of my successes.

Alas that Napoleon Dynamite did not win (who knew it was nominated!) although hurrah for The Incredibles for pulling of one win from several nominations.

You know, the Recording Academy's calendar must be a fascinating piece of work....

My only regret in not watching the Grammys was missing Paul McCartney perform with Jay-Z and Linkin Park. Not only did I not see it, but I'm having trouble even imagining it. Given that "Yesterday" is the most recorded pop song is history, I would not have thought we needed another version. I obviously could not have been more wrong.

Categories I never knew existed until this morning:
Category 61 - Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album
Category 63 - Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album
Category 69 - Best Hawaiian Music Album
Category 74 - Best Polka Album
Category 89 - Best Historical Album

You know, I would like a Grammy--say in 2010? I'll start working on that goal this year by writing some killer liner notes. After all, even if I get them out there too soon--this year even--they'll still be eligible in 2010, right?



  1. th. totally unrelated, but I don't have an address for her. I do have a number, though.

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  3. Best polka album? who invented that?!?!?!?!

  4. I thought it was mildly entertaining that U2 won awards for the same album they won awards for last year. I would like to have it explained to me how they reconcile the general concept of "time" and "year" with "popularity" (I don't think they really do, but their attempts at reconciling them really would be interesting to listen to).

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    I agree. Their sense of time is incredibly warped. I've heard from several people that Paul Simon's Graceland won best album two years in a row. It's not true, but I found the claim easy to believe. You might say that U2 just pulled off that magnificent feat themselves.

  6. I'm going to say this at the risk of bringing the wrath of Lady Steed on me, but did y'all think maybe this wasn't U2's best album? I'm a fan and all, but I just wasn't that impressed. And certainly not 'Best Album' impressed. But no one really cares what I think anyway.

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    Miss Hass--

    It may surprise you to learn this, but I don't think Lady Steed has listened to "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" since about three weeks after I gave it to her.

    She was just saying that maybe she needs to break it out and give it another chance, but she hasn't yet.

    Me, I didn't like it at all.

    Their album just previous finally got me interested in them, then they followed up with that...thing.