five books --- fcbd edition


Saturday, as I'm sure you observed, was Free Comic Book Day. But because of tball we arrived at celebrations too late to take full advantage of the bounty.

Fortunately, Ben lent me a quantity of his DC library that day, and Comic Relief had a big table of books for around a buck, so even if I didn't bring much free loot into my personal library, it was a good day.

Here are five books from that day (others will be forthcoming). No bonus points for guessing which one was Ben's.

040) My Faith in Frankie by Mike Carey, Sonny Liew, Marc Hempel, finished May 5
    I knew as I read this book that it came from the same inkwells as Re-Gifters. What I didn't realize is that it was the same writing as well. In fact, skew Re-Gifters a little older, add some sex and supernatural elements, and a blind man could see that they share the same genesis. Read more by clicking the picture below.

    My Faith in Frankie

    an evening

039) Janes in Love by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg, finished May 5
    Not as good as the first, but not bad at all. (read more)

    Janes in Love

    two days

Batman R.I.P. 038) Batman: R.I.P. by Grant Morrison et al, finished May 4
    This book gave me unsettled dreams the night after I finished it. If that's sounds like a recommendation, take it as one. But you'll need to read at least the prior two collections to hope to make sense of it (1 and 2 and a bonus)

    So for all the ballyhoo, there is no body for either the Joker or Batman and, as we all know, no body means no death. So there you go.

    Although the free copy of Blackest Night makes me quite uncertain as to Batman's health. When did he get lasered by aliens exactly?

    (Also: I'm in love with Beryl. I want to see her with Robin more often.)

    But did I like this book? Yes I did. Nice Batman story. But not one to read to the kiddies. Oh my no.

    three days

037) 1000 Steps To World Domination by Rob Osborne, finished May 4

036) 110 Per¢ by Tony Consiglio, finished May 4

    from 110 Perยข
    Whar's she goin? Why to read my review of course. Click her to follow.



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  1. As Morrison and DC explained after R.I.P. ended, the story actually continues in Final Crisis. He wasn't dead yet at the end of R.I.P.--the ambiguous ending was just to satisfy people who were expecting a death.

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    Neither he nor the Joker had a body. So obviously they're taking a luau.

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    Oh. I already said that.

    How about this:

    And that's why comics demand too dang much. One good thing about you moving is that this way they can't take over my life.


  4. Doesn't it just mean you'll have to start buying them for yourself?

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    No, fortunately it takes longer than nicotine. I'm sure I can kick it.

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