A patriotic couple of days


Yesterday I voted. I had no idea what the crap most of those props would have done and they all went down exactly as I expected. For the record, I voted yes on all, not sure if that was right but knowing it made no difference.

Today I, for the first time ever, showed up for jury duty. Three cases were slated for trial. All three defendants copped a last minuted plea rather than sit before the Fearsome Theric. How they knew I was there I do not know.

So I'm doing my share at keeping the Constitution alive and well.

You may thank me in the comments.


  1. I'm not sure how voting in ignorance with the attitude that it doesn't matter is keeping the Constitution alive and well. I did the responsible thing and didn't vote in ignorance.

    If there's any ambiguity in that last sentence, we'll just leave it that way.

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    Usually I study the issues carefully, but these props just made me ill. So my patriotism rating has been downgraded to a 7.

  3. I know I lost all respect for you.

  4. Jury Duty? ACCCH!!!

    If and when I get called up for that, I think I would just say that I'm prejudiced against all races.

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    I dunno. If I'm ever wrongly accused of a crime, I want sensible intelligent people like myself on that jury.

  6. I was called up for Jury Duty once... it was to great sadness that it only happened while I was on my mission.

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    You're welcome.

    I have received notice a few times, Asmond, but only when I was either on my mission or at BYU. So this is the first time I've actually gone in.

    Maybe someday.....

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    You are most certainly welcome.