Late svithe: Saving spiders


This morning as I was drying off after my shower, I noticed a spider hanging a few feet off my towel. I tried to shake him off, but his web held, so I grabbed the web and dropped him in the sink.

As I continued drying, I noticed that the slope of the sink was such that he could not get out. Even using old toothpaste spit for traction he fell short of the top.

So after I hung my towel back up I chased him with a piece of toilet paper until his web caught on it, then I shook him off behind the toilet.

I don't kill spiders anymore. I don't even transfer them outside unless Lady Steed insists. The connotation of a spider in our home is that there are also many smaller unseen critters roaming about. Spiders are predators. If there was nothing to eat, he would not be here. By removing the spider, I'm letting the ittybitty population go unchecked. And since I don't know what those ittybitties are, I choose to assume that I would rather the spiders eat them than let them overrun us.

Where's the svithe in this?

I believe that spiders are one of the things that we, somewhere deep in our genetic code, instinctively fear and hate. But why should we?

When I reexamined my relationship with spiders, I realized that the spiders' goals coincide with my own. If my house was ittybitty-free, the spiders wouldn't come inside. So if they're here, it means they are doing me a favor.

Thank you, spiders.


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  1. I put cockroaches outside, but I don't squish them. We've also taught our children that we're OK having spiders in our house. Because they eat the other bugs. But apparently not the cockroaches.

  2. Fun post. I'm a spider saver. Wasp saver. Moth saver. Occasionally, a hummingbird saver ...

    Did get a shock once when a black widow climbed up on my bare leg while I was feeding my daughter.

    I am not a black widow saver, not after that incident.

  3. .

    It's harder to love/forgive the genuinely dangerous. I've killed many a black widow in my day. And the same for yellow jackets. They get no love either.

  4. Huh. And all this time I thought I was somehow unique or maybe crazy for not killing spiders in my apartment. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this.

  5. you may really have a point here. hmmm.