RRR: Too many spins on the merry-go-round

wo oh oh oh oh oh

10/9/08 9:02 AM


  1. You're damaging my brain with that picture!

    Does it actually move, or is it my eyes trying to resolve it to my perception of "normal"?


  2. Stop it...I said, Stop it! Please. No really, STOP IT!

    Freaky how the eyes work...

  3. Glasses. yep, that is what this picture brings to my mind. Double vision, crossed eyes and one evening when I couldn't correct it on my own was the catalyst that sent me to my first meeting with an optometrist.

    Yep, glasses at 5-years-old.

    This picture. It hurts my eyes and my head as well as bringing back some intense memories.

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    Isn't it amazing? It's so hard to look at for what it is --- my brain keeps trying to resolve it.

  5. If the repeat pattern was something completely different, it would not be such an issue. Our brain is working hard to sort out the image into something more familiar.

    So very interesting.

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    We live and die by faces. Have you read Understanding Comics?

  7. I've not read that. I should venture out of my little hole and find myself a copy. I learned from experience and also as part of a cartooning class how integral the face is to communicating.

  8. Oy, me nogan!

    Ya know, this wouldn't happen if we didn't process faces in a different way from general visual stimuli. I would almost be willing to bet money that, if you printed this picture out and held it upside-down, it wouldn't play such games with you.

  9. I thought about this turning the picture over 180° to see if the effect was the same. . . Well, I've been looking at the picture so much that it doesn't bother me whether I look at it upside down or not. Hmmm, I guess I'll not know.

  10. Wow. If I didn't have a migraine before . . . okay, so my head hurt before I looked at it and it hurts more now.

    You think trying to resolve that puppy two-eyed is painful . . . close one of your eyes and then try to resolve it, and you'll know exactly how I feel.

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    I'm trying to decide if that's worse. . . . without going insane.....