Coding horror


I found a new glitch in the bringing-over of my old posts: when I used alternate font colors (whether to hide words or to colorcode things), those colors are now gone. And all is on display in plain old grayongray.

Anyone know what's wrong with my code to cause Blogger to ignore the font-color changes?


  1. Blogger hates you. Simple as that, I'm afraid.

  2. If you could link to an example of such a post, I could look at the code and try to figure it out.

  3. Okay this may be a dumb question, but since you already appear to pay for hosting, why not switch to WordPress? Especially since you seem to like to tweak themes, etc.

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    I actually don't pay to host my blog. I suppose I could make a thmusings.thmazing.com and post this blog on my site, but I don't really want to pay for additional hosting, beyond what I already am. The fact is this: I am totally cheap.

    Example posts:

    Oscar Wisdom Frothing
    I Mispoke
    On Chesil Beach

  5. Interestingly, all the posts you linked to worked perfectly in Safari, but not in Firefox 3. The reason is that Safari is more lenient about the particular typo you've run into here:
    instead of typing < font color="CC9933" >, you need to type < font color="#CC9933" >

    That little # (or hash as computer nerds call it) tells the web browser that you're specifying the color in red, green & blue coordinates, instead of looking for a color by name (eg, < font color="green" >). Since Firefox can't find a color named CC9933, it gives up. So you just need to go through the code for all those posts and put little hashes in front of all the color specifications.

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    So it's not my redesign at all? It's my browser.

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    Works fine in IE.

    Man. I can't believe a Firefox update would cause this.

    My whole view of what is good and bad in this world has changed.

    What's next: Google evil?