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I'm getting close to my thousandth post and so, in order to know exactly when it hits, I'm going to post all the old drafts to clear up my clutter. This means we will see old stuff --- dating clear back to August of ohsix. Some I will finish as part of this project, some I'll post in unfinished state, all will be marked with the preface RRR. Unless one turns out so beautifully I don't want to take a chance of stigmatizing it. But we'll see.

So be excited! You think I publish weird crap now, wait till you see what didn't make the cut!


  1. That's an excellent idea. Many times I'll start to say something and get distracted. The post might have lost some of the urgency by the time I get back and it just never gets finished. Generally, I've deleted these after a time. I don't tend to keep them. I think it would be better the way you're doing it.

  2. .


    I hope you still think so when they start showing up.

  3. It's like special features on a DVD!