RRR: Quirk



The quirks we are aware of are our conscious quirks, our deliberate quirks, our least interesting quirks.

Left-leg only toilet usage.

We're all born a little OCD and we either learn to cope or get worse and worse.

12/16/08 1:19 PM


  1. Sometimes, friends and loved ones joke that I might be OCD. I'm not. I'm not. I am just very particular about certain things...

  2. I've found out recently just how OCD I can be. I'm not in the major leagues, but my new homestay student does things like put the cereal containers back on the shelf backwards (grippy part first, pouring part facing out) and it drives me nuts. I have to turn them around every time and I really can't understand how he doesn't get that it should go the other way. He does a myriad of those little things - leaves towels all askew, puts the cutlery away turned around or upside down. I think it's partly an OCD-ish tendency on my part to make things match or look even or neat, and partly it's just that I like things to look pretty. :)