The inexorable march of time


I was reading the BYU alumni magazine over breakfast this morning and read that ten years ago this month they changed the school colors. Why, I remember that, I thought.

And thus I realized: Ten years ago this month I began my studies as BYU, newly transferred from BC, shacking up with my cousin and her husband, looking for an apartment, conducting phone surveys for food money, in megacrush with a girl named Sarah Jane, writing the first draft of "Marital Matters" that would later serve as the opening to Byuck, making social goals I would mostly fall down on.....

Holy crap.

It's been ten years.



  1. I KNOW!!!!!!

    Also, Alta has a website? I remember when we got new carpet in our apartment. That was awesome.

  2. .

    I can only wish I had a memory like that.

  3. Man, I remember that. Right before the first year I went to EFY, I think.

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    (Was this an EFY on campus? Were you one of those irritating kids?)

  5. Had friends that lived in Alta; 6 girls, 1 apartment. Oh, HELL no.

    I lived in Katy apartments on first east, across the street from BY Academy when it still resembled the mostest cleverestest haunted house EVER! Actually, the theater department (and I, by default) actually used it one Halloween as a haunted house for a fundraiser.

  6. Th., I think I went to 3 EFYs at BYU! HAHAHA! I probably was one of those irritating kids when you were a young Cougar.

    And MoJo, I lived in Katy as a married. It was the best apt. we lived in before buying and in such a great location!

    And this year marks 10 years for me graduating high school. Crazy how time goes.

  7. My first Alta memory is walking into my new bathroom to find the old underwear of a previous tenant lying on the floor.

    But my Alta memories of you, Th, are good ones.

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    For instance, I never left any underwear on your floor. Of that I am sure.