RRR: Thimprov


From my reading and my hearing and my imagining, it seems that most bloggers tend to look for things to blog about and then, having found them, blog them. I do some of this myself. This post, for instance.

But other times I simply think to myself, it is time to blog and I sit down and think of a title and then write something to match. This is what I call MCU, and I am very good at it. If "good" means I can always think of something no matter how crappy.

11/27/06 11:54 AM


  1. That's an interesting approach, Theric. I don't know that I really look for something to blog about in the active sense as much as I have something happen or occur to me or I think of something and I say "Hey, I could blog about that!" There might not be much difference, but I generally only blog when I think I can say something worthwhile about something that happened independent of any original blogging intent. Half the time I only pick the topics I do so that I can remember my thoughts on them.

    Of course, there are those weird ones with absolutely no redeeming value.

    What does MCU stand for (assuming I want to know)?

  2. Matching Crap Up???

  3. .

    [Edit: added RRR, which thing I had fogotten.]

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    Close, Mojo. Making crap up.

    Originally this was going to be a much longer post, analyzing my blogging manner, but by the time I got around to actually typing it, I had forgotten the vastness of what I'd intended to say.

  5. I agree with you. Sometimes it's stream-of-conscious, other times it's what I think is funny. I like what you write, regardless. I'm easy that way.

  6. ...or is it consciousness??

  7. I'm discovering the value---and the fun---of MCU. I'm also discovering the value---and fun---of keeping my posts short and frequent. I haven't had that "Oh, crap: I haven't updated my blog in a while" feeling for at least a few weeks now.

    And Kari: consciousness.

  8. I think your observation is accurate. I try to just blog what I am thinking, though. That's probably why the posts can be so random, I guess. Random as to when the posts are made and random as to what the topic will be. Initially, my blog was set up as something like a journal. Not a journaling of my daily life so much as a journaling of what is going on inside my head.

    I like your acronym, MCU. I think I might steal it.

  9. Thanks for that link, Th. Good to know the greats have their challenges, too. I'll have to bookmark your sage advice for future bouts of infrequency (not to be confused with incontinence).