RRR: Finally! Radioactive water in your own kitchen!


radiïze thy water
radioactive water in your own home

Thanks to Ardis E. Parshall.

9/26/08 4:00 PM


  1. Ah...the good old days...

  2. The table of statistics is rather interesting: one could read it as measuring the strength of the placebo effect for each of those diseases. Unfortunately, old age is not curable by the placebo effect. =)

  3. More proof that members preying on other members through get-rich-quick and other business schemes is as old as the church... wow.

    On XM radio, they've an Old Time Radio channel. I enjoy listening to the old radio shows but find the old commercial a real kick. Many of these old spots claim something that has since been found to be totally false.

  4. Wow. I thought I totally had your book about video games beat by my article about airships, but now you've totally out obsoletized me with this bad boy.

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    Cool, eh?

    And you'll be happy to hear that smokes increase your endurance.

  6. I like the old margarine commercial touting the health benefits . . .

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    my favorite part is the "WE DON'T CARE" who tells you radioactive water is dangerous because WE say it's not and we really want you to buy it from us.

    and i find it amusing that the German scientist is Mr. Cleanman. the radium could explain a lot.

  8. This was actually fairly popular for some time, there were a few companies that popped up touting the benefits. It wasn't until peoples jaws started falling off that everyone started realizing may be it wasn't as health after all...

    Check out this site to see other inventions that never quite made it.

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