EGAD!!!!! (construction)


Please forgive me as I figure out all the problems with this long-overdue redesign.

(Feel free to comment on it, by the way.)


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    Well, I don't like the largeness of the dates or the narrowness of the content column. I was cruising back in time and anything with large images has been chopped horrifically. So it still needs work.

    Let me know what you think so far.

  2. "EGAD!!!!!" is right!

    I'm not sure what I think of it, but change is often good, so I'll keep an open mind.

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    (In other words you hate it.)

  4. No! I really, really like the new banner up top, but the overall affect is really--not colorful....

  5. I like it. Very clean.

  6. I like the dancing stick men at the top.

    And I think that the dates are a bit big, but hey...looks good else. :D

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  7. I like many of the changes you've made to this blog. . . I particularly like your banner of dancing sticks.

  8. Tough to say.

    I like the banner, but your old style was so iconic. I agree with you about the content column. It seems a bit...corporate? Overall.

    Maybe not what you wanted to hear, though.

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    Iconic but also generic. Although it was greatly changed from the original template it was still a Blogger basic. I need distinction. The question is how.

  10. I was trying to get a three column layout that was also a little wider than those standard templates. I'm not certain how unusual this is but I often wonder why we waste all that space left and right so I can then make the effort to scroll up and down.

  11. Yes, it was generic. When I first discovered you I didn't like it for that reason. But it grew on me. I thought the colors and layout were a good match for your blogging style. I should say that my favorite part was the way the title "Thmazing's Thmusings" was invisible until you rolled over it. It became less generic the more I interacted with you. I ended up thinking it was one of the best chosen site designs out of all the blogs I frequent because it suited the author so well, in my opinion.

    Maybe the new look will grow on me, too. The thing is, the new version seems more like a template to me than the old one did - a template from one of those "you can have your very own professional looking website in three easy clicks!" services.

    If I were designing a site for you (which I realize I'm not) I would make the most of the hand-drawn look that works so well for you. I would use thin-line pencil drawings (maybe just lines) to separate page elements and put it all on a background that looked like white paper - maybe with blue lines like a notebook, but that might be too busy - or maybe with smudges and eraser marks here and there. Maybe with three hole punches along the left hand side.

    I really like the orange and and light gray as accent colors, but I might throw in a few others in random places.

    I'm not sure what else I would do, but I would try to keep it clean and eclectic.

    Of course, you're not me, so this probably doesn't help. Then again, you did invite opinions. :)

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    I am thinking I'm going to introduce more handmade elements into the mix. I don't think the old images that link to my site and display my email address work so well anymore.

    Any I also agree that there is way too much wasted space on the sides. Plus I don't have room for larger images anymore, as is evident here.

    I agree that my old look worked well for me, but I also agree that it takes a lot of people from really giving me a first chance. I keep seeing more professional looking looks and I think it's time for me to move in that direction, but something too hygienic or canned is no good either.

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    Oh: on the brightside, I got Blogger to display my favicon again. Although maybe I should change it now to a little dancing man...?

  14. but I often wonder why we waste all that space left and right so I can then make the effort to scroll up and down.

    Ease of readability and eye strain. The eyes get more tired reading far left to far right than a narrow column. Also, the attention wanders faster than if the information is presented in a narrow column.

    I will not read sites at all that have a wide left-to-right span.

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    This is part of what made Suck so enjoyable. (RIP)

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  17. I'm a bit behind but I LOVE the new look!

  18. Some things I like, some I don't. I'm not in love with the gray. The left column width to body ratio is good. I hate tons of wasted space and would much prefer reading a wider body than a squished narrow one. I think you'll love having a list of updated blogs. It saves so much time.

    wv: prizinge

  19. I don't know if you've made changes or if the computer I'm on this time is just displaying things differently, but it looks a lot nicer to me now than it did a few days ago.

    Oh, and I don't know N.F., but apparently your name is Noelle. I just got a kick out of that because my wife's name is Noel, so her initials are also N.F. I smiled at the monogram when I first saw your comment, then when Theric called you Noelle, I just had to laugh at the coincidence. Anyway...

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    I have indeed made some changes, but we still need more. I'm working on it. Bit by bit. I only picked one of my busiest times of year to take this on.....

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    I've actually already shrunk the dates and I think their current size is fine.

    That white bar is there for the reasons you mention and I'll be fixing it, not to worry. And I'm thinking about moving me into the side bar and making the top banner more plain. Thoughts?

  22. "And I'm thinking about moving me into the side bar and making the top banner more plain. "

    Good idea.

  23. On second thought, maybe just a slight repositioning in the banner (scale down a hair and adjust so as not to interfere) would be just as good or better.

    word verification: lammeter.

    That might be like a scale, where 1 is least lame, and 10 is really egregiously lame.

    You rank pretty low on my lammeter.

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    And thanks, Adam. :)