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Instead of replying to comments in comments, I am going to follow this precedent and write a new post instead. In doing so, I am adopting a New Persona: th'eCasanova. Everything th'eCasanova says is said in a cheesy and slightly creepy and wholly indeterminate European accent. To remind you of this fact, I will occasionally spell words "wrong".

BAWB said...

I'm stuck on you too. Aww.

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Cicada said...

Th., I was really glad that I went out with you guys to Ottavios because I wouldn't have had much time to chat with you at the party. Then again, if I hadn't met you at Ottavios, I probably would have stayed with the Daltoncrew and talked to you the whole time.

The blog party was fantastic and it was great to put faces to names, but I didn't do a good job of meeting people who I hadn't already met. Something about having had only three hours of sleep, feeling slightly queasy, and knowing that I was going to get to see Viper later that night, which is, indisputably, my favorite activity.

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Jessica Benet said...

Hey thanks! Also, I think Lunkwill was in an especially "let's gross people out with PDA stuff" mood. We're not always like that, I promise (and I hope you weren't too grossed out).

It was wonderful to finally meet you and then to get to sit and chat with you for an hour or so!! You're every bit as mysterious and cool as I thought you would be. Lady Steed was a bit quieter than I expected, but at least as pretty as her avatar (if not more so).

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Stupidramblings said...

Alas, I am in Atlanta--couldn't make it. Fortunately, there will be other meetings...

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daltongirl said...

I went home, went to bed, and dreamed that Lady Steed and I went yard saling together. According to my personal dream interpretation guide, that means we're BFF. Sorry, Cicada, but you have never been yard saling with me. Time to change that if you want your place back.

It was more than delightful to meet you. I hope we didn't keep you from spending time with others, but since 99% of the reason we went was to meet you and Lady Steed, well, we were selfish. Our apologies to all others who didn't get to spend enough time with the th.s because of us.

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Master Fob said...

Hurray for blog parties! Let's do it again. Or, if that's too much to ask, let me know when you and Edgy decide to throw your own BFF blog party so I can crash it.

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Melyngoch said...

Lunkwill's real name is Zaphod? Goodness, I can't wait to meet him.

Cicada: did you want scare quotes around "see"? Like this:

I was going to get to "SEE" (wink wink nudge nudge high-pitched giggle) Viper later that night . . .

th.: If you come back when I'm there, I'll give you a book!

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feather.123. said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to ask you if you all know each other in person...


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kirsa said...

Oh, how lovely. I'm at least temporarily indescribable.

I'm glad Vengance came too, as he pushes me out of my comfort zone, which oddly enough usually results in me acting more like myself. He looks familiar to lots of people (but then again, lots of people at the blog party looked very familiar to me, and I can't figure out why...you, for example, reminded me strongly of a guy I know named Luke).

It was a pleasure to meet you and your family. And your hat is awesome. I love hats. I would have worn one, but my room was too messy to be able to find my current favorite.

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The Divine Miss A said...

See, perhaps there is some good that can come from not living in the bubble. If you ever make your way to the midwest, though, I'll have to meet you guys. Hope you guys all had fun at the party.

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Rachel said...

You have no idea how traumatized I have been the past three days, all because I was not there to meet you. Of course, the doctor had nothing to do with my traumagity (which word I totally just made up).

I echo Mel's sentiments: Come back when I'm in town! I can't guarantee a book, but I can always offer desserts. I make a mean chocolate cake and scrumptious pumpkin cookies. If you're into those.

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Absent-minded Secretary said...

I'm sorry that we didn't get to talk more too, and I'm even more sorry that it seems that you can't decide to put me into the confirmed corporeal or unconfirmed corporeal categories on your link sidebar. Unless I just can't see my name anymore.

But, it was lovely to meet both you and Lady Steed, even if it meant that you have threatened my BFF status with Edgy.

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editorgirl said...

It really doesn't take much time to uncover repressed mother stories from me. As for the rorschach. . . some other time, I hope.

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  1. Wow, I feel so scandalized. Thank you, Mr. Zteed.

  2. No one? I am no one? Hmm. Maybe I'm going to have to reconsider this BFF thing. Okay. Reconsidered. You still get to be the BFF (male version).

  3. Don't let it bleed on me. I've had enough blood for one day, thank you.

  4. I think it's safe to say, based on the lack of comments here, that you've offended all your readers.

  5. Perhaps we're just a bit speechless--or laughing too hard to type.

  6. zees eez not offense, eet eez ey swoon of love . . .

  7. .

    Ah, Melyns, ma pet, you know of courss, dat de feeleeng, eet eez mootuäl.