Supped well


And thank you to the entire luncheon party, viz, Bawb, Brozy, Cicada, the Big O, Lady Steed, and me.

So lovely to confirm your corporeality.


  1. Oh you're so quick to switch me over to the correct category of blogger. I'm very flattered. It was a pleasure finally meeting you.

  2. I suppose this is my punishment for sleeping once I got home from taking my test.

    Either that or the dentist appointment I have.

    You'll have to come to Provo again so I can meet you.

  3. Will there be further supping? Now that I've met you, I feel that I just can't get enough.

    And I think I'm going to have to skip on to day's word verification. Far too many letters.

  4. .

    Don't know, Edgy. The Brass Clan's parents are coming to town today and they will be monopolizing our time. I'll be in touch if that can change.