In honor of today's Zits, I am writing this post before talking to my darling wife about these events. Besides, she's taking a bath.

So I'm coming home from work. First I buy gas. The cheapest was a full twenty cents higher than my prediction for the end of April.

I was also almost in three accidents.

Pulling into the gas station, an idiot pulled a stunt, nearly hit me, then blasted his horn at me.

While I was pumping, a numbskull backed into the Taurus, sending it lurching back. So I guess I was only almost in two accidents. The third actually happened. We examined the Taurus and all she hit was its license plate so hopefully all is okay. But it crrrrrunched getting out of park. I think it's fine though. I hope.

Yeah, then I was nearly hit by another parking lot maniac. And we're not even in Utah yet!

I think the work I'm looking for is "auspicious."


  1. Yeck. I hope your trip up here's much less eventful. Or at least full of nice events... Better to get them over with before the trip, right?

  2. .

    Yes. So I'm glad that auspicious-looking letter from the IRS came before we walked out also....

  3. Yikes. Um. That means that the rest of the trip will be smooth sailing, though. Of course. :nervous face: