LDotFMotNYl: Deleted Scenes (6)


(Note: this is the sixth in a series of deleted letters from the Last Day of the First Month of the New Year Letter. Visit the previous deleted scenes here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)


Thteed Family Abandons Traditional Media

Theric left his job at the Tehachapi News; Lady Steed left her groundbreaking work in the business card / menu market; the Big O diversified his boardbook portfolio with Bill Peet, Dr. Seuss, and life-life action Thomas the Tank Engine videos. These changes opened up new opportunities with Theric teaching English at Littlerock High School, Lady Steed working on home-based-pest control (hyphens intentional), and the Big O starring in his own sitcom, the aptly named “More! Choochoo! Go! Train! Broke! More Choochoo! Broke! Boom!”

More information on the Thteed Family’s forays into nontraditional media can be found at lsteed.blogspot.com and thmazing.blogspot.com.


You can see why I haven't bothered posting any deleted scenes lately....

Actually, as part of a whole, this isn't too bad--though it doesn't stand alone at all well. The main reason this didn't make the ldotfmot cut was because Lady Steed wasn't sure she wanted her blog address bandied about so readily to the people we know. Which is interesting. It seems the closer in real life someone is to a blogger, the less likely the blogger is to want them to see their blog. Interesting....


  1. I have connected some dots.

    There is a possibility either I know you or you know me.

    The Duganator in the 19th ward tipped me off. I was in that stake--my wife and I were the sports coordinators during that time period (02-03). If you played church b-ball (or v-ball) we have met.

    If we HAVE met, please add me to your list of those whose corporeality you have confirmed. I am waiting eagerly...

    p.s. if you need any other reminders, you can check our photo on my blog: post # 57

  2. stupid

    I don't believe the Thsteeds have ever met you. Neither of us had ever been involved in Church sports. Though I do remember that Mr. Duganator was an active B-Ball player.

    I checked out your pictures and neither you nor your wife look familiar. Sorry.

    If we come up to Utah at the end of the month will we get to meet you?

  3. .


    Haven't you been paying attention?

    We're going to stay with them.

    And Stupid--in case you missed it--because you, like everyone, check Thmusings more than your own blog--I replied with some length over at Rambli.

  4. Littlerock, huh? My older sister lives in Littlerock with her family. Or close to Littlerock. How exciting. :)