Moderation in all things ----- Except the bleeding temperature . . . .


Last Thursday, my drive home was wildly warm--hot even. Since then it has been mostly cold. I'm shivering now in the teacher's lounge.

Spring is probably the best time, temperaturewise, in the AV. Soon it will be broiling, except, some days, between the hours of two and four a.m. Winter was cold, with no snow to suck out the bite--just cold.

On the bright side, I haven't slid on any sand blowing across the road in months. So though discomfort may reign, life seems likely to go on.

And today may yet turn nice.


  1. You're very optimistic. I prefer to focus on the negative qualities of the weather: even if it is a nice day, I'll be at this computer till 5, desperately plugging out a paper. (and NOT BLOGGING.)

  2. The weather over here has been pissing me off lately. And I don't think that I ever get pissed at the weather. I think right now it's mostly because for the first time in my entire life, I have found summer clothes that I really like. So, of course, the weather must turn bad.

  3. yep. snow here yesterday. snow! a blizzard effect in fact. today was sunny but a bit nippy. hopefully we'll continue to summer (at least spring) and not digress to winter again.

  4. Don't even talk about snow. I had to drive in it for 200+ miles(making a drive that lasted approx. 4.5 hours in comparison to the usual 3.5) in very BAD visibility.