New glasses!


Wow, Theric. You look hot!For the first time since November 1999, I have new glasses. I can't tell you how excited I am.

I love wearing glasses, I really do. I'm always astounded when people go for contacts over specs. It's mystifying.

Anyway, it's a big occasion for me.

Lady Steed also has new glasses, but she's unsure about them. This is understandable. After all, her last pair were perfect for her. Common indeed was it for us to be out and to have total strangers approach us and stop her to say, "Oh, my heart! Never have I seen such perfectly matched face and frames! Your glasses--they were made for you!"

Lady Steed would shyly blush, turn her head modestly, and reply. "Yes. I know. I am beautiful. And so are my glasses. Together we move jaded fashion moguls to tears."

Weeping, the person who stopped us, expresses renewed faith in a beautiful world, thanks us for the opportunity to see absolute perfection before death, and stumbles back to their otherwise dreary life.

Naturally, no new frames can possibly live up to this legacy. But I do think she is being unduly harsh towards her new glasses. After all, the highlights match her hair.

See what you think, then leave her an encouraging comment.


  1. Oooo, I love them. I think she'll keep bringing people to tears.

  2. ROFL!!!!!! I myself am looking for a new pair of glasses since I've had mine for 5 years. I think I must ask lady steed where I can get some like hers. Yours are nice too, but hers make such a statement.

  3. Um, Elton John called, he wants his glasses back.

  4. They are wonderful and purple.

    I like my glasses, too. I can't imagine having to deal with contacts. They seem like they'd be a big pain.

    Not to mention that I'm far sighted and wouldn't be able to clearly see the people I was talking to, or the road, or most of the world in general if I had contacts. And that would be tragic.

  5. I love Lady Steed's new glasses, of course, but I'm just wondering: why get new glasses if she already had perfect ones? Were the old ones broken?

    And now after a lengthy dinnertime conversation, Lola is telling me that the Tehachapi commercial may have been about a drug and alcohol rehab center instead of a honeymoon resort. Maybe they are housed in the same facility.

  6. My glasses are broken, which makes me look a little off-center when I wear them.

    As for Lady Steed, hopefully she can see well enough to know not to look at Camelot.