re: Blog Party III


Master Fob says I'm 'the black guy in the back'--you can totally tell because of the black bar over the eyes.Wednesday, April 26 sounds as good to us as any day can sound. If I have to abandon my flock, that week is actually a great week to do so. The biggest consideration is gas, which'll probably be about $2.85 by the end of April, I'm guessing. Last week's trip, which I estimate to be roughly 80% the size of a Utah trip, about broke the feeble bank. We haven't decided yet whether we will come or not, but we Thteeds hereby endorse Blog Party III all the same.

If we come, we will likely bring eight minutes of entertainment with us. We used to, in conjunction with Mr and Mrs Duganator, show a short film at parties called Peluca. Alas, now that everyone (everyone) has seen Napoleon Dynamite, that no longer seems necessary. So this time we would bring Rejected.

I hope you all can stand a bit of postmodern, gory, stickfigure, angstridden, horror.

I know the Duganators would approve. After all, didn't they love Billy's Balloon?

I'm a banana.


  1. Hmph. I posted a link to "Rejected" on blue-beta, and no one liked it but Toasteroven. Glad you have better taste.

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    Bawb, you're kidding?!?! I thought I knew those people!

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    Master Fob, you would have loved them. Phineas is S-Boogie's age and Miniphin was born just a few months ago. Of course, now they're in Maryland, which is no good.

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    Maybe you did. Did you?

  5. "My spoon is too big."

    "I'm a banana!"

    "My SPOON is too big!"

  6. Misaneroth loved them, of course. Benvolio thought they were sick. TO was the only other one to comment. Glad to hear you enjoyed them, TB.

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    Gotta love that Family Learning Channel!

  8. For what it's worth, gas has only been around $2.27 a gallon up here...

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    We hit $2.70 at Costco today.

  10. I like Rejected. Being as how I first saw it back when it came out it's become a little old to me. But still enjoyable, I can't believe BAWB didn't acknowledge me on the rejected stuff. I was watching it back when he was wearing diapers. Well not really. I look forward to meeting you.