Out of a sense of obligation


I have made two false starts on posts today, both aborted for different reasons. But since I must write a little something before heading postward, here come some ... thing.

So, in terms of France and the need for everlasting shame I have repealed all access to the school's computers--except for the green one of course which remains under house arrest.

Were it not for the shamefaced betrayal of Broadway in the back of my mind during the summer of '41 I would still be where I was before when I was. Those were the days.

Or so he told me. But as he is the type to type merely to type and for no other reason, we must discount what he would say.

Or type.

Especially as he does it merely to please those whose hearts are elsewhere.

And I don't mean Spain. Not this time. Nor any time. Not saying I mean anywhere else, I merely want to emphasize that I do not mean Spain.

Thank you.

(time elapsed: 55 seconds
(thought expended: none

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