Last minute radio blues


I'm about to leave campus, but in order to lessen the likelihood of a fender bender, I'm writing this five-minuter first.


NPR has ruined me. I used to only ever listen to cds in the car and when my FM mysteriously stopped working, I was glad because it meant Lady Steed would no longer put us at the mercy of commercial radio.

But now....

When I started here at Bedrock, I was in our newer car and listening to NPR all three hours of my daily drive. Now I'm back in the Lapper (our '86 Honda Accord LXi with over 360000) and it's missing FM and I find myself skipping between the Beatles' Revolver and a smattering of AM stations.

There isn't much to choose from.

Before the sun comes up in Utah I pick up KSL best, so I can remind myself how little I enjoyed my occasional rush hour drives over Point of the Mountain.

Then I get a Great American Songbook-sort of station, Fox Sports News, a rabid talk station and, until I leave Tehachapi, a Catholic station, which is probably my favorite.

Today I was listening to Fox and learning about the NFL or something equally important to me and it station was being polluted by an opera singer doing what sounded like Hush little baby, don't you cry....

I liked this actually. Two art forms, sports and opera, that I do not actively dislike simultaneously. When I got tired of one, I merely had to refocus my brain to listen to the other.


Maybe all AM radio should be like this.


  1. I thought all AM is like that.

    In theory I like the idea of NPR and even the indie-music-playing public radio stations Foxy J listens to, but in practice I usually feel like listening to my CDs.

  2. Personally, I live for my iPod. And with my iTrip, my iPod can go with me everywhere. I highly recommend it.

    I tried listening to the podcasting for about a month. Except for Ebert & Roeper, it just didn't do it for me. And that's a rather odd experience, especially when they show the video clips that you don't get to see because, well, it's audio.

    Of course, it was because of their podcast that I saw Dukes of Hazzard--"Jessica Simpson is given billing as if she's actually in the movie. And was she even speaking English? Two thumbs way down." You know with a review like that you're going to have a rip-roaring good time.

  3. I don't know what I'd do without my car's CD player. I hate being at someone else's musical mercy.